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Winter Quarters
Welcome to This website is focused on the original Winter Quarters, Nebraska pioneer encampment and the history of the important LDS pioneer settlement in Winter Quarters.

In the early 1850’s, as Latter-day Saint pioneers migrated west to the Salt Lake Valley, they settled temporarily on both the Nebraska and the Iowa sides of the Missouri River – in the vicinity of what is now Omaha, Nebraska. The place became known as Winter Quarters and became a prominent stopover for Latter-day Saints and other pioneers as they made preparations to face the harsh realities of a severe overland trek west across the Rocky Mountains to the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. Enduring a harsh Midwest winter with minimal supplies and very rough shelters, Winter Quarters was at once a place of refuge and indescribable suffering for those early pioneers. Many did not survive that first winter.

This site also chronicles the construction of the Winter Quarters LDS temple (dedicated in April, 2001), under the direction of President Gordon B. Hinckley. We also offer an opportunity to view a rare photo chronology of the actual construction of the Winter Quarters temple from start to finish. We hope you enjoy the information on historic Winter Quarters.