Medical Transcription Program
Winter Quarters Cemetery
The original Winter Quarters cemetery was laid out in a very organized fashion in a very specific, well defined area with each grave properly measured out and documented. Unfortunately, many of the new graves introduced after the departure of the pioneers, were scattered about in a much less organized fashion and many lacked proper documentation. As a consequence, when the modern LDS church made preparations to break ground on the new temple slated to be constructed atop the hill adjacent to the old pioneer cemetery in the year 2000, it became necessary to conduct an extensive professional archaeological study to ensure that all graves were properly protected.

The LDS church employed a professional team to come in and identify with the use of radar all of the existing graves and burial plots. Because of the somewhat haphazard placement of some of the newer graves, several of the graves had to be moved and reinterred under the supervision of the Nebraska State Archaeologist and with the permission of surviving family descendents where possible.