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Winter Quarters Temple Construction
The following photos chronicle the construction of the LDS Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple. These pictures include rare sequential photos from the beginning of the excavation of the Winter Quarters Temple site through various phases of the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple construction. It is most interesting to see the temple take shape adjacent to the historic Winter Quarters pioneer cemetery. The 16,000 square foot Winter Quarters Nebraska temple was completed in about 16 months time and was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley on April 22, 2001 following a highly successful community temple open house.

Winter Quarters Temple Construction Site

Winter Quarters Temple Excavation and Foundation

Winter Quarters Temple Foundation

Framing the Winter Quarters Temple

Steel Framing on Winter Quaters Temple Construction

Early Stages of Construction of Winter Quarters Temple

Beams and Girders of Winter Quarters Temple

Exterior Winter Quarters Temple Construction

Omaha Nebraska LDS Temple Coming Along

Winter Quarters Temple Taking Shape

Adding Bethel white granite to Exterior of Winter Quarters Temple

More Exterior Construction Shots

Getting Closer

Granite exterior completed Gold Angel Moroni Added to top


Pre-landscaping Interior Finish Underway

Almost Done

Exterior Front Temple Doors

Close up of Angel Moroni

Parking Lot Surfaced, Ready for Winter Quarters Open House

Night Photo of Newly Completed Winter Quaters Temple